What We Do

Cyclist_C-CSt. Louis County Parks Foundation has been created to support and promote the facilities, programs, capital improvements and resources of the St. Louis County parks; to receive grants, endowments, and contributions; to support and promote volunteer organizations formed in support of the Foundation; to secure facilities, programs, materials, equipment and services in furtherance of the objectives of the Saint Louis County parks. There are currently 71 parks comprised of 12,720 acres in St. Louis County, many of which are in need of repairs or improvements. St. Louis County parks also contain 7 museums and cultural sites and 144 miles of trails for the use of St. Louis County residents. This valuable green space contributes to the ecological and economic well-being of St. Louis County.

St. Louis County Parks Foundation will raise funds through contributions and grants to preserve and renovate parks throughout St. Louis County..

St. Louis County Parks Foundation will work with the Park Board of St. Louis County to identity the needs of the St. Louis County parks and purchase or otherwise obtain through donation those items so identified.