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The goal of the newly formed Saint Louis County Parks Foundation (SLCPF) is to improve the County Park system for the benefit of all county residents by funding projects that will help all 71 parks in the Saint Louis county region.

The Foundation is currently in discussion with the County Park Department to develop priority project needs. Saint Louis County has built a great park system through the years but there are parks that need additional attention and we would like to hear your ideas. After all, we are doing this for you. At this time, the foundation is looking for ideas to improve all of the parks, from small neighborhood parks to the well-known regional parks. The next time you go to the park in your area, just look around and try to envision what would make the park more beautiful or more useful.

Does your park need?

  • Additional landscaping
  • Improvements to the sport fields
  • Upgrades to the playgrounds
  • Some other major change that will make this park more inviting to the people in the area

We would like your help in identifying how we might improve your park.

We as a Foundation have many ideas, but what you want is very important to us. In the near future, the Foundation will be planning “town hall” meetings in various areas in the county to ask the people for their input on park enhancements.

One of the first items on our list is to replace the beautiful fountains at Tilles and Faust parks. The original fountains were donated many years ago but are, sadly, no longer functional. The County Parks Department does not have the money available to repair or replace these fountains. That is where the SLCPF comes in. We are currently working to raise the funds needed to replace these historic fountains.

Let us know what we can do for you.

If you have an idea right now for park improvement email us using the form below

To contribute online, use the button below.

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