Restore the Bissell House

Bissell House in winterOne of the goals of the St. Louis County Parks Foundation is to maintain some of the marvelous historical treasures throughout the parks system. Among them are these two gems. Read some of the history of the Bissell House.

In 1808, General Daniel Bissell was appointed Commanding Officer of Fort Bellefontaine and Military Governor of Upper Louisiana by President Thomas Jefferson. Bissell had the home constructed by slave labor between 1814 – 1816, and it was known as Franklinville Farm. In 1821 General Bissell retired from the military and built up his estate to a prosperous farm of 2,300 acres. He died in his home in 1833. The house was continuously occupied by members of the Bissell family from the time of Daniel Bissell until 1961. The General Daniel Bissell House was donated in 1961 to St. Louis County for preservation and operation as a museum. The house was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

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