Expression Swing Project

UPDATE:  The foundation has purchased 4 Expression Swings which will be installed very soon.  One swing will be installed in the Spanish Lake playground, Tilles Park, Faust and Suson.  If you are in the area, please stop by and check out these new swings.


A few weeks ago I was visiting my granddaughter on the West Coast. She loves to go to parks, so that was our grandpa/granddaughter outing. At the park I saw this wonderful swing. An adult – Mom, Dad, Big Brother or Sister, or even a Grandpa – can sit on one side and swing with a little one and share the experience.

SwingMy granddaughter was too big for the swing now, but I remember pushing her in the “baby swing” and loving the sounds of her delighted laughter. The parents who used the swing on that sunny day could talk to, interact with and laugh along with their child, and they did. It was a real pleasure to see.

There is some interesting social science behind this swing. Eye contact is a powerful means of making a connection, especially between children and adults. Combined with the joy of swinging movement, this equipment facilitates bonding between adult and child in a unique way. It would be a challenge to think of a better way to fulfill the mission of the St. louis County parks Foundation than to bring parent and child together for mutual play!

Designed for public use, each swing can be installed for about $1300, and can be retrofitted to work on many of St. Louis County Parks playgrounds.

I am going to purchase one to install at one of our many parks, and I look forward to visiting and seeing grown and kids enjoying some face-to-face time on a lovely day, beginning with me and one of my younger grandkids!

I’d like to see at least one swing like this at most, if not all, the St. Louis County Parks. If you would like to join me in sponsoring an Expression Swing, please contact us, or mail a check with “Expression Swing” in the memo field for any amount to:

St. Louis County Parks Foundation
878 Glen Elm Drive
Glendale, MO 63122

You can also contribute online:

As we collect enough for a new swing, we will place the order and get it installed. Check out our Facebook page from time to time to see progress on the Expression Swing Project.